Whats this all about?

Hi I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and what the big deal about "the African poultice" is. In my first year after school I worked in Paris as an Au Pair girl and had the opportunity to travel around Europe. This is where my love for travel and other cultures began.

My own struggle with an undiagnosed illness took me to the hands of Lilian Tibshraeney’s Reflexology. My rapid recovery lead me to study this amazing art and I qualified at the end of 1993. Needless to say, this is where my passion for Holistic therapies sprouted.

I practiced as a therapist up until 2008, constantly studying new therapies, after which I then turned to teaching these arts. To date I lecture on 20 different subjects as well as writing some of the course content.

I have been fortunate enough to study Thai massage in Bangkok and Yoga in India, as well as working on the cruise ships which is where I learnt the art of the Thai Poultice massage.

On returning back to South Africa and resuming my teaching career I realized that there was no one teaching this specialized therapy. More than that though, why use the Thai poultice when my own country is filled with wondrous herbs and oils. I then took it upon myself to create a proudly South African Poultice. With 14 years Aromatherapy experience and study of Phytotherapy, this task was a plausible challenge for me. One of the drives behind the design is for them to be friendly to use on all people, no matter the health conditions, age, sex and creed.

Le Petit Poultice has been fashioned after my first love – Paris. More than that, it is due to the French that Aromatherapy has found its place in the western world as Grasse remains one of the Essential oil production capitals. The ingredients used are predominantly from France and so selected for their gentle yet effective properties to safely treat infants. Our children paint the future, molded by our own attitudes. Calm children paint peace-full.

Just as when Hot Stone massage was the new kid on the block, and now there is hardly a spa nor a salon that does not offer it, so is my vision of the African Poultice massage.